Thursday, February 28, 2013

SNOWY DAY--2-28-13


I woke up this morning and looked out the window to see flurries everywhere. I felt like I had woken up in a snow globe. So yeah it's still winter! 

I had a lazy morning--After I ate breakfast, I had a little Netflix time before I got dressed today. 

Merlin is one of my favorites--They have taken so many liberties with the story of Camelot, it's kinda ridiculous, but it's a cute little show. The new season comes on Friday nights on the SyFy channel if you're interested. 


I cooked up zucchini fritters for a snack after lunch. I have a recipe from an old cookbook. I also make a marina sauce to dip them in. They were tasty and made for a different kind of snack. It's probably easier to just fry up the zucchini, but the fritters involve separating eggs and letting the zucchini set in salt to draw out moisture. It's a kinda involved, but it gave me a project for the day!


No real makeup today. Defined my brows and put on blush. I didn't even line my eyes or do mascara. I did sweep on some blush to give my cheeks color. Glasses and the long will complete the look with the matching toboggan cap.

My outfit today consisted of black leggings, my fuschia mini dress, with a black tank underneath and a black belt. I put on my black scarf with the silver accents and a black sweater hoodie over it all. Then we went out into the cold so I added my boots, my peacoat and some black gloves.  It was comfy but cute!


Just a funny little video I put together with the pictures from the Cancer Cutie photo shoot--LOL!


Remember that song--We be riding dirty? Well, it's been stuck in my head and I just tried to flip it. We be riding, Me and Jesus, We be riding HOLY! I been riding with Jesus and we're singing along! I first came up with this idea from one of my book-spirations and decided this morning that I would draw a bigger version. 



I'm chilling! I'm having a relaxed day. I am ready to go in for my chemo session tomorrow. We have to be there at 8:30 so I gotta get some sleep tonight. This will be the second session--of healing! This is healing medicine that's going to have me healthy again before you know it! Woo-hoo! I have faith that God has already healed me and it's awesome. 

Book--spiration:  The Jews won't accept Jesus' miracles as true

From  the Gospel of John

Basically you have to be willing to testify and praise God. They wouldn't admit his miracles for fear of what would happen at the synagogue. They were seeking the praise of men and not accepting eternal life that Jesus had brought to them.

That's crazy--so I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm riding with Jesus! No doubt about that. I'm living in his Grace and favor.

Don't be ashamed of your faith ever. God would never do you that way. He loves you completely and unconditionally and although we can never return that perfect love, we can at least admit that we're trying to be one of his faithful children.

Something to think about.

I've gotta get prepped for tomorrow--pick out my clothes, pack some snacks--we will be there all day again--take a shower, pack up computer and some art supplies

Then I'm gonna watch Scandal  and konk out!!!


LUKE 6:27-28

But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. 


Tina Bina

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DOCTOR DAY 2-27-13



So today was my bone scan. I went in at 11:00 and went to the wrong place 2x. I finally got to the right spot and they got in me in quickly. I was injected with some kind of radioactive material that shows the activity in your bones. Then we had to let that circulate through my system for two hours. So we went down to the cafeteria and sat around reading the local college paper and people watching. We ate some pizza. I tried Ensure for the first time today and it's tasty. I bought some because I didn't know if I'd have an appetite and they're supposed to be good if to get your protein in if you're not really eating. I just brought them because I thought that they would serve as a good snack because I didn't realize that we were gonna be free to leave for 2 hrs. We took some pictures and watched it rain and went back down there. I had the actual scans and that took almost an hour. Now the long part was waiting on the doctor and I never did actually see him. His partner doctor came and talked with us and then we waited some more. The appointment was supposed to be at 3pm, but he was doing a procedure. It was 4pm! The guy we talked with said that if my pain isn't over a 5 that they can't really be sure that doing a procedure would really even help me and who wants to be injecting stuff in their spine and risking that if you're not sure it's gonna work. I'll stick to the pain pills for now. He paged the doctor and talked to him about what we had discussed and the doctor said he would still offer me the procedure and we could do it as soon as Monday. I said nope and if I change my mind, then they said that they could get me in quickly if need be. So we spent all day there and didn't even do anything.

It's all good though because I would rather not have more procedures--especially risky ones that deal with my spine. If I were truly having crazy difficulty getting around then it might be worth it. It was just a few days  that I had it rough, because I think that I twisted something--but it's worked itself out now. I guess it's better to be safe rather than sorry. 

So that was the majority of my day. 

We then went to WalMart.  

Then we came home to Gran's dinner of lemon pepper baked fish with potato salad and pinto beans with cornbread. I was hungry! 


Today's makeup was a little darker since I was in black, I had a silver lid with black liner and mascara and I of course had to define my brows and put on some blush over my foundation. I wore the curly fro with my black beanie. I had on some large hoop earring, but they must have gotten lost in all that hair.

I was dressed in black and gray to match the gloomy day outside. I had on gray jeans--got them at Gabes for $5! Then I had on a white tank top and over that I had a silky black button down. I then put on a gray cardigan over it and my long black scarf with silver accents running through it. I wore my black and white trench, my gray flats and I carried my black purse.



We thought I was a model in the hallway! Pose! Sashay! Shante! Being silly as usual!





 I'm feeling good. Tired, but good. I'm getting more and more inspired to write. I'm enjoying doing the blog and I'm liking my journal and book-spirations. The art thing kind smacks me in the face when I get an idea or if I have something specifict in mind. I didn't do any art today, but if I had of known how things were going to be today, I would have brought some art supplies with me and been drawing while we were waiting. Oh well! If I don't sleep through chemo on Friday, then I can do some of that then.

Book-Spriration:  Return Good for Evil

from a Joel Osteen book

Forgive the people who have done you wrong. In order for God to pour out his favor, you need to treat others well.

Aim to show kindness and seek to do good-- because we're supposed to share his mercy, kindness and goodness even when they don't appreciate it.

Forgive people and treat everyone with kindness. It's hard sometimes, but that's what Jesus would do!!!!

I tried to be nice to everyone I encountered today. Smiles and heartfelt have a good day wishes. A little kindness goes a long way and it's really appreciated when it makes its way back around to you.

So just remember to kind to someone today--maybe seek out that cranky person who always has an attitude or never seems to smile and try to make their day brighter!

How good would that feel?


For by the grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. 


Tina Bina

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rain Rain go away! 2-26-13


It may have been a wet cold and rainy day but if you keep a positive attitude, then you realize that you make your own weather!--You have the choice to feel however you want to! I chose to feel happy today! I slept late again, but who cares, I can right! I picked out clothes for tomorrow's doctor's appointment and got dressed for today after I had a nice hearty protein laden breakfast.  

I was still down to get my nature walk on--short trip up to Mom's!


I made a nice fruit salad with banana, kiwi, mandarin oranges and pineapple--tasty and healthy. 

I also put together some cut up veggies for hummus and we had pita bread with it as well. 

Then I cooked up some teriyaki chicken stir fry and pot stickers for dinner.

Almost done! Smell the flavors of  Asia!

Instead of eating ice cream--have fruit and cool whip!


This outfit was so bright, that I kept the make up muted, since I wasn't going anywhere today anyway! Just your basic foundation and bare minerals powder. A little definition of the brows. A bronze colored blush on the cheeks and black liner and some mascara. I also tried some of the lipstick from the Look Good support group makeup--yeah so not for me. I blotted it off an put on my chap stick. It left a little color. I don't like lipstick unless it's very muted. I wore the short wig with my glasses.

Oh no I might just blend in with the door! Where did Tina go? Ha! Ha! I found another pair of $3 colored jeans at Gabes the other day. Bright orange! I almost did purple, but they were a little too tight. I have this long top that says I heart late nights. and then I just threw a black hoodie over it. You can't see them, but I just have on my pointy black flats with it. I threw on my black and white trench coat to walk up there. I was like a Halloween pumpkin today!



 I finally finished Breathing Space today:

The center is finally filled in with my wishes--The SKY is the limit! 

I finished the other side as well and changed the title from Love to Home because the wishes listed on this side are about home ownership. I also listed the Book-spirations I've had over the past few days--Break the cycle, Unpack your dreams, Get up on the Inside, Go to the Sea Directly and today's was Use your Wisdom!


I feel good! I am great. I'm blessed and living in God's favor. I love that I can spend most of my time engrossing myself in positive thinking, scripture, prayer and just anything I enjoy. It's quite relaxing and that's what I really need. I don't know if you've ever heard this theory on disease, but if you break that word into two it's dis--ease. Meaning not at ease. Meaning stressed. Stress is one of the biggest reasons for disease. It's what it is. It makes you sick and ill. You're not at ease with yourself and you need to be in order to be healthy and to be in sync. I'm feeling at ease. How about you? Are you at ease or are you stressing about work, your relationship, money and all the little things that really don't matter? Stop stressing! Relax--it's going to be better for your health. You don't want to fill your body up with stress and dis--ease! 

Use your Wisdom came from the Seize the Day Book Nekima gave me. 
 It suggested that you look at the circumstances of your past experiences and learn from them. It had a great quote from Einstein: "Intuition is nothing but the outcome of earlier intellectual experience."

I see the correlation of my first diagnosis and this one's link to stress and the lesson I learned about dis--ease. I'm not going to put my life back into stress mode again. I'm going to realize when I'm feeling the stress come on and manage it better because there is nothing more important than my health and well being.

I would suggest that you find more ways to stay less stressed as well. If you didn't see the meditation challenge link: 

There are good books for it too:
Wayne Dyer--Getting in the Gap--comes with a meditation CD
Youtube is a good place to find some free guided meditations also.

If you think mediation isn't your thing, maybe writing, working out, doing art work, take a bath, volunteer work--putting your focus on helping someone else is super rewarding!


1 JOHN 2:15-17

Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that the is in the world-the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions-is not from the Father but is of from the world. And the world is passing away along with it's desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever. 


Tina Bina

Monday, February 25, 2013



It was light and bright outside when I got up today because I slept until 9:00! I got up and started my prayers, but was interrupted. Mom was letting me know she had to take my Grandmother to the doctor. She's been coughing and sneezing and stuff for the past 3 or 4 days and we think her sinuses are going A-wall. Which they were--she has a sinus infection and has to take an anti-biotic and drink lemon and honey with hot water for the next week to clear it up. 

I finished my prayers and my book-spiration for the day and made my breakfast. Biscuits, cereal, eggs, banana, coffee and juice. Slacking on the protein because I'm out of sausage. I eat a big breakfast since that's when I take the majority of my medication. 

I got dressed while I was waiting for the pain pill to kick in. 

I called to talked to the oncology social worker about the medicaid for breast cancer and she's gonna have the paperwork set up for me when I'm there on Friday. 

I made lunch for Gran when she got back and I sat on the couch and listed 10 items in my Etsy shop--so she is officially launched!

I hung out with Gerald for a little bit.  Google+ hangout

I stuffed my face with yesterday's leftovers.

I painted my nails finally!

I'm writing the blog while my works on a new piece oh and of course watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 


Basic makeup today. Powder, defined brows, light brown eyeshadow and a little mascara and black liner. A little blush and my usual chap stick. I wore the long wig and threw on the teal beanie on top.

Today I wore my teal colored jeans with a white tank and a black short sleeve v-neck. Then I threw on a black cardigan sweat over it and my teal beanie cap to coordinate with the jeans. Of course I have on my go-to black booties.





I have sparkly pink fingernails finally!  I guess that doubles as my artwork for the day too!



No art work today, but I did launch the Etsy site which is a huge milestone! Finally here. 

HerArt Stories...Drawn to Love

Go check it out. It's full of positive art and inspiration. Let me know what you think and if you have something that you would like me to make feel free to commission a piece if you like my style. 

Woo Hoo! Awesomeness! Finally!


I'm doing good. I've been dealing with a little extra pain for the past couple of days, but that was due to over exertion and my bone issues. I'm going to see the bone doctor Wednesday so we will get the scan and see what to do about that. I'm happy though. I'm feeling very spiritual. I'm feeling inspired. I'm feeling like good things are swirling around my life all the time. I'm ready for God's favor and I'm so happy to receive it. You should be too! He loves us and wants us to be happy. Happiness is a choice and I choose it everyday!

I received some new books from one of my grandmother's church members and a his testimony about his healing on an audio CD.

Healing promises and the Gospel of John


Came from Getting in the Gap by Wayne Dyer and suggested that you need to Go to the Sea Directly--which is a metaphor for going to God . Let go of your Ego and go to the spirit world. God is everywhere and that means in you. It's all about recognizing that and tapping into that. Meditate to get into that space. There's a new 21 day mediation challenge going on with Deepak Chopra if you're interested in developing a meditation routine. It's great to relieve stress 


Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.


Tina Bina

Sunday, February 24, 2013



Today was a super day despite the fact that I did not sleep well last night. I woke up at 4 am with pain in my knees that shot down through my shins so I had to pop some pain meds and try to get back to sleep. I slept in and decided not to go to church with Gran today. I'm gonna make it eventually! I really am!

I decided to clip my nails and was going to paint them--it's 8:30 and I still have the polish sitting on the table waiting on me!

I bathed and dressed--but nothing fancy today--keeping it chill.

I got down in the kitchen. I cooked Sunday Supper.

-Baked BBQ chicken legs and tenderloins
-Baked Mac N Cheese
-Green beans
-Jiffy Corn muffins

Dinner is served! It's one of my favorite Sunday dinners!

I was still tired from last night's pain ordeal and Mom and Gran suggested that I may have over exerted myself yesterday. I drove from Fairmont to Morgantown and from one end of Morgantown to the next. We walked around Gabes, Ashley Furniture and then we went to Aldi's before I drove us home. Gran said that we looked wiped out. So that may have been why my knees started hurting.
--I have an appointment for my bone scan this week anyway, so we will delve deeper into that issue soon!
Since I was still tired, I decided to take a nice long nap.


Poised for flight

Spread your wings

SUPER WV TINA!!! I slept for about an hour or so and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the art table! Super duper art time is coming up!



 I'm still working on this particular art journal, but I've added a lot to it today... check it out

I added some little rhinestones to the front snowflakes for some bling-bling!

I wrote about mediating and how to do it and what I want to focus on while meditating.

Love is everything! Imagine yourself at the top of the mountain in God's Favor, Let positive energy flow thru you,  Laugh at yourself  life is supposed to be fun!

So the center is still to be filled with inspiration and art --what is to come?


No frills today. Just a pair of dark jeans a yellow tank top, a gray WVU long sleeve shirt over it and a gray knit hat.

I am seriously no frills today. No make up and no wig and no contacts. It's just me! Oh my! It's okay to just be bare and free sometimes. It's Sunday and I wasn't going anywhere today, plus I was cooking and doing some art today too. 



I feel pretty good. I been putting a lot of focus on writing and staying engrossed in scripture. It's very comforting and I'm embracing that more and more as I journey along. I trust that it's the right thing for me. I am just going with where His voice guides me. My book-spritation for today was Get up on the Inside from one of Joel Osteen's books. It's again about finding strength through adversity. Sometimes you get down and you just can't help it, but you need to stay up on the inside and have a victor's attitude. You need to adopt an attitude of Faith! Keep getting up in your heart mind and will! Staying positive is so important! That's where you always have to direct your focus. Always put your focus on the best part of things because that's the only part that truly matters. Remember Get UP on the inside! Carry that positive attitude in your heart!!!!!!


For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.


Tina Bina



I had a book-spirationn today that said :Break the cycle. I just had to stop with the routine and do something different. No art journaling today. No thinking about the Etsy shop. I did take the cancer cutie pictures and I did have some retail exercise therapy today. 

I stayed up late playing on the internet last night and slept in today. So we didn't leave the house until 2 pm.

 I went to Gabes again to find a jacket. I got a trench coat for $13! I also found two more pairs of jeans another skinny pair in orange and then a blackish gray pair of jeans for $8 for the two pair. I also picked up two tank tops for $3 a piece and a thermal top for $3. I spent just $30 again! I love shopping at Gabes! I signed up for the reward card today too, so I should be getting some kind of coupons or discounts for that.  

When we left today my battery decided that it wanted to die and my Mom had to give me a jump. We drove over to Auto Zone and got it replaced before we went anywhere.

We went to Ashley furniture to look around at stuff today too. I liked half the store, the more modern side and my Mom liked the more traditional side of things.

I was starving like marvin so we stopped and ate a cheeseburger and fries really quickly before going to Aldi for a little grocery shopping!

Got home and ate some potatotes and some sweet Italian sausage Granny made for dinner.

We watched a Netflix movie and I realized that I had broke from my routine--No Blog today!


I wore dark denim with flare leg and a black tank top, I then threw on a long teal tunic that doubles as a dress. I threw on a aparkly black scarf to accent the black bag and shoes I carried with it.
I went with a full face of makeup today. I had foundation, powder and blush. I also made sure to define my brows and put on some shadow that coordinated. After putting inn my contact? 



 It was good to get out and about today. We didn't go as far as I would have today, but at least me got to see something other than the four walls of the house. I may go to church tomorrow. I just don't know yet. I guess I can go so the that they may prayer over me. I also sent them a thank you card. 


Preserve me, O God, Fot in the I put my trust...


Tina Bina


Friday, February 22, 2013



I had a plan today to launch the Etsy site! I was going to load pictures of all this artwork and write up descriptions and price everything. Owning your own business, that's the American dream right? I didn't fulfill that today. I obsessed about another American dream--home ownership! I was researching my Grandmother's bathroom renovation. We were taking measurements and estimating costs for all of our materials. I then started thinking about my dreams and my book-spiration for the day. Being an American is about freedom. We have the freedom to make choices in our lives. We can choose to work for ourselves or someone else. We can build a home or rent or home and we can be as traditional or unconventional as we want to. We can pray to whatever God we want to and I know that I pray to mine every chance I get and nobody is ever going to stop me from doing that! We have every culture scattered all about this country and we have the opportunity to learn about one another if we just take the time. We are leaders of the free world and were the first to make dramatic changes for civil rights, women and gays. We live in a great country and I think sometimes we take that for granted.. I didn't really mean to make some kind of political statement, but this is just the path that my brain wandered down. Something to think about.


I put together a little information and estimate sheet for Gran's bathroom redo complete with pictures. She's not planning to do anything for a few more months, but she has problems with her knees and her hip and it's just so difficult for her to keep stepping over the tub to get into the shower. We need to get her one that she can just walk in and that has a little bench. 

I did laundry all by myself today. I had Mom help me last time. She carried the basket for me, but I did it all on my own today. That was part of my exercise. 

Plus I decided to give Cancer a little kick in the butt while I went to put something in my car:   

Just being silly! Kicking cancer's butt. We had a pretty decent day today in the 40's and it rained for a little bit this morning so we had some mud out there. I guess it was some more exercise though!

I started and finished an art journal today

I had an epic fail on Mom's natural hair. I didn't like how it turned out and neither did she, so she took it all out and just fluffed it back into a basic little fro. Which is fine.

I realized that it's really easy to get's Friday night and I actually feel normal and good, but it's like bed time. My mom went home hours ago and my grandmother has been in bed for the last hour too. I'm chilling though. I guess I should start uploading my Etsy shop! We shall see!


Keep it simple day. I just brushed on some powder, a little blush and then I defined my brows. I had on some chap stick and that was it. Threw on my glasses since I didn't really do any eye make up.

Today's outfit was supposed to fit my American dream theme. I had on my dark skinny jeans, a black tank with a short sleeve white button down over top of it. Then I had a short sleeve navy blue sweater over that. I threw on my red cardigan and a scarf with my red beanie to complete the look. I was running around in the black bootie/slipper/shoe things and they were perfect! Such a good find for $3!

 Freedom! To look like you wanna look--self expression--use fashion make-up to tell your story, be a cutie!


I didn't finish breathing space yet, but I just had such a fun idea for today's book-spiration, that I had to run with that and work on making that one
The book-spiration for today came from another Joel Osteen book:
Dare to unpack your dreams! Visualize your dreams over and over and have faith in God to bring them to fruition. I found that so inspiring considering that I had a travelling job and never got to unpack fully and completely. I was always unpacking to just pack back up again in a couple of weeks. I never really had the time to pursue things that I really found interesting or enjoyable and now I do--Now I can truly unpack those dreams and let the sky be the limit! It was really funny because I had some scrapbook paper that actually looks like my real suitcase. I made a mini version of the suitcase and  filled it with the things I see coming for me in 2013. Take a gander: 



I just want to leave you with the same sentiment as my art journal. Dream big--unpack your dreams--see yourself living in God's favor. I mean what's the worst thing that could happen, you don't get what you want?
At least you tried! At least you dared to dream! I just want every one who reads this to get something positive from it. I want you to feel good after reading this! Because I'm feeling great and I know that God is good and will send beautiful things into our lives if we're willing to trust him and keep the faith. We sometimes have to change our view of things too. I hope everyone is well and I'm gonna leave you with tonight's bible verse.

 ISAIAH 43:19

For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness.I will create rivers in the dry wasteland!


Tina Bina


Thursday, February 21, 2013

More Retail Therapy 2-21-13


Today we took my Grandmother to one of her social groups today and while she was there, we went to Lowe's and had a little remodeling style retail therapy. I'm eventually going to be a homeowner and buy a trailer to rehab. I wanted to see how much it would cost for some of the things I may want to do. I priced out stainless steel appliances, flooring, counter tops and we also looked at walk-in shower stalls for my Grandmother. She has a hard time stepping over into the tub to get to the shower and is planning to pull it out this summer. So that was fun and it was a good way to get my exercise in. These are the cheapest stainless steel appliances I found, but that gives me an idea of what I would need to save or how much of a deal I could get if I can find stuff used or on a discount--because well I won't be doing this until later on after I get the trailer at least. 

Shiny isn't it. I like things that sparkle!

It's just your basic fridge on the inside!

$600 for the fridge!

$300 for the dishwasher!

$900 for a gas range and if I want the microwave that's another $300.  So a couple thousand dollars to get stainless steel appliance if I keep it basic and buy straight from the store. I'm sure I can find it for less. I'm a bargain hunter!


Today I wore a pair of light jeans with a pink tank, a white button down over that and a bright pink sweater--We had cold weather again today-- 34 was our high! Then I wore blazer with my pink scarf. I threw on the white toboggan from the support group and some funky pink glasses. 

I wore some pink and purple make up and some light blush. I also put on some light lipstick and chapstick. I just happened to have the glasses and thought it gave a funky fun look to the outfit. 



This evening we washed and conditioned Mom's hair and twisted it up. I did some flat twists across the back and then just did some two strand twists on the top. Then I put them on perm rods and leave them in overnight so that it dries and then I'll take that out tomorrow and fluff it out to see what kinda curls we get!

I'm curious to see how these perm roads are going to set the hair and what kinda curl we're going to get. I'm sure that whatever homes out we will embrace it!

I wasn't in love with how the flat twists were coming out, so I thought doing more twists would be a better option.

Flat twists going along the back and the ends of that were just twisted together so that it gives everything a neater finish. I think it will be cute once we see how our curls came out.


 You know the blog wouldn't be complete if we didn't  talk about food ! My attempt at making tikka masala from scratch actually turned out really well. I had to refashion some pita bread into naan bread, but it all came out great. Then we were in Giant Eagle today and they had the simmer sauce in the jar that I normally buy--Walmart didn't have it! So now I know where I can find it. I'll look for the samosas the next time I go in there. So that was a good find!


What kinda artist doesn't do some every day? Well, I switched my medium and have been working the pen this week more than anything. I've been journaling, just not with the art portion and I've been reading some stuff too! 

Listen to your conscience--it's God talking to you and keeping you on your path to success and inner peace, it came from women's devotional bible my Grandmother gave me. 

 Don't be lead to temptation I suppose. Just listen to God and that inner voice. Do the righteous thing. I guess you just have to pray about the things affecting your life and wait for the answers. He will send them and you act accordingly.



In all circumstances take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one: and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints...


Tina Bina