Saturday, April 27, 2013



So Thursday came and  it was pretty uneventful. To the point where I couldn't remember what I had done all day. I just asked Mom and Gran and they couldn't remember at first either. We pieced it together though!
Mom was doing yard work most of the day and Gran was baking cakes and pies. I laid around watching TV and then later that evening we went to get some gas for Mom's truck and we went to Walmart for a few grocery items that Gran needed. We would have left earlier,  but we were waiting on my prescriptions to be ready and of course they didn't call until after we got home. 

So Friday came and I knew I would have to pick up my prescription and possibly meet up with my friend Nicole, but we decided to get together on Monday instead. She's in town for a week to visit her family and is going stop through Morgantown on her way back from Maryland to PA. Someone my own age!!! Love Mom and Gran but it would be nice to hang with some of my peers.  So I did a cancer cutie outfit finally! Complete with wig and makeup! Then me and Mom headed to WalMart for my medicine and of course they only had one ready and said they had to order the other one. They said that they expected it to be in today and of course it didn't come in! Maybe tomorrow. While we were there, we picked up some stuff to make dinner for Sunday. I decided on chicken and broccoli alfredo with garlic toast. We will see how it turns out. I haven't made it in a while.

So Saturday is here! I laid around till late as usual. When I decided to venture out the house, Mom and Gran were engrossed in cleaning up the porch and rearranging the furniture. I was looking at the walls and thought that they could use some more paint, so as we began discussing painting and rearranging things, a project emerged! We're going to paint all the walls on the porch white. We're going to patch the cracks in the concrete floor and then paint it a gray color. I'm going to give some of our shelving a fresh look with a coat of green spray paint. I'll have to take some before and after pictures and show you the difference once it's done. So we took a trip to Lowe's and picked up the supplies we-roller and paint tray paints and patching material. When we got back I was ready to get started, but decided it was a little too late in the day and I just moved things off the walls so that I won't have to worry about it tomorrow. (Gran has an extensive collection of wind chimes that hang on the porch.)

So tomorrow I will be a painting machine!--Plus I guess I have to take some time out of that to cook dinner!
Busy busy day coming up!


I actually put on make-up! I didn't do any eye shadow. I had on foundation, blush, mascara and liner. I defined my brows and put on my chap stick. Then I threw on my longer wig and pulled it back into a ponytail.

Dark skinny jeans with my $3 clearance glitter sweater! I wore a black tank underneath. We were headed out the door, so I threw on a black jacket and my favorite black scarf. Then I put on my bargain shade--silver aviators that I got from Gabes for a $1! 



I'm happy! I'm feeling great! I literally feel good. I've got energy and I'm eating much better too. Sometimes you just have to take it day by day. I feel like if you just trust and believe that everything is going to be okay, then eventually it will be. Faith--you have to have it. So when things seem awful keep, telling yourself that everything is going to be okay. Keep saying it even when you don't believe it, Everything keeps showing up that points to everything staying awful, but you keep the faith and keep telling yourself that it's going to turn around. Don't dwell on it. Distract yourself with something and just keep believing that everything is going to work out. It eventually will. God works on his own time. We just have to develop the kind of Faith that involves infinite patience. We need to trust that we are loved and God wants nothing but the best for us and will bring us to whatever it is that we truly need. So what have you been worrying about? Stop give it to God and trust that he's going to handle the situation so that you get the best outcome. Trust Him. Keep Faith! Hope your happy shows up soon.


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Tina Bina

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

LONG TIME NO SEE...4/24/13


Looks like Friday was the last time I posted anything. Well I have to say, the weekend was pretty uneventful. I didn't leave the house at all. Saturday I wasn't feeling too hot and had a throwing up incident, so I spend  most of the day laying around watching TV.  I didn't even leave my bed for the living room. So my Mom sat a chair in the room with me and kept me company while we watched TV-- a marathon of Love it or List it on HGTV.

Sunday came and I was anticipating a more active day, but still one that I spent in the house. I was thinking about taking a shower, when my cousin Neisa knocked at the door with her little baby. She had come to visit because she is moving to Louisiana with her boyfriend this coming weekend. Her mother moved down there earlier this year, so she's going to have a new start and better job opportunities for her boyfriend. It was good to see her and her son, Nikor? I'm pretty sure that I spelled his name incorrectly--so if anyone knows the correct spelling forgive me and correct me! She spent the day with us and he was so cute. We were trying to get him to walk. He's so strong and boy is he a little squealer. If he doesn't get his way, then he sure does go to squealing. Babies are too cute.Best of luck to Neisa and her new little family as they embark on their journe I had hoped to see my other cousin, her brother this past weekend too, but he wasn't able to make it out to the house before he had to head back to college.

So Monday rolls around and it's the day before my Grandma's birthday. We needed to get the present shopping done and pick up groceries for the cookout. Me and Mom made our list and called Aunt Donna to check on what time to pick her up on Tuesday. Gran got home from her church event and we headed out to shop.We accomplished everything with 3 stores. Jcpenney's for Gran's favorite sneakers--white Reebok classic Princess sneakers. I had found them online first, so I knew they had them. Easy breezy and I even resisted the $2 clearance rack right by the checkout. Then we headed to the Dollar tree for inexpensive decorations and plates. Lots of balloons, streamers, two signs and these fun seat covers for Uncle Jeff and Gran since we were technically celebrating both b-days. The seat covers didn't fit! Boo hoo! Then onto Walmart for the groceries.

Not only was Monday our shopping day, but it was the day the Dog went back Home! Uncle Jeff had received a dog from one of his buddies after celebrating his bday with them this weekend. I hadn't left the house so I didn't see it until Monday, but he called Gran about it and for some reason she thought it was a poodle. It was apparently small and kept yapping. Well he was barricaded on the porch, but on Monday he found a way to break free and decided he was going after my Mom. She discovered that he was no poodle, but was in fact an obnoxious chihuaha who decided that he was going to eat my Mom for breakfast. He wouldn't let her out the yard with his snarling and trying to nip at her feet. She had to hop in her truck and drive down to avoid further contact. When she went back home, he tried for her again and attempted a sneak attack from behind. She had to kick him away from her.I'm having a good time laughing at her when she tells me all this because I figure she's scared and this little dog is just picking up on it and they're already aggressive. Wrong!!! When we left to go shopping, that crazy little dog was outside with my Uncle as he was mowing the lawn on his riding mower. As soon as he saw me come out the door he looked our way and started barking and immediately charged across the road. My uncle's screaming at him to come back and my Mom's yelling and I'm just trying to get up the pathway to the car. My Mom shakes the shovel out at him as he's about to pass the porch and scares the crap out of him. So he retreats, but keeps barking the whole time. Uncle Jeff declares that he's taking the dog home as soon as he finishes with the yard. Crazy little dog. One of those stupid chihuaha's bit me on the butt when I was a little kid, so I've never really been a fan ever since. I think they have the short man complex.

So Tuesday came and it was party time. Gran went to do her usual volunteer day at Christian Help which gave us just enough time to go pick up Donna decorate and cook everything but the meats, which Mom would throw on the grill once Gran got home. She was surprised at the decorations and she enjoyed her gifts. She received at least 10 cards in the mail. She had gotten gifts from people she rides the bus with and her friends at Christian Help. Then Linda came by and ate and celebrated with us too. Uncle Jeff came down and ate a plate as well. Then we took Aunt Donna home and ran into some old neighbors. But last night we had to get to bed early because today started early!
As soon as you walk in the decorations hit you!

More festive decorations!

The chair covers that didn't fit any of the chairs! Lol!

Gran's Birthday cards on display!

So today was my PET scan so that we could determine the progress of my chemo treatments! We arrived a half hour before the appointment like we were asked to.7:00 am! So I had to get up at 6:00. Plus, I couldn't eat or drink anything for at least 4 hours before hand.First they checked my blood sugar level and then she put in an IV instead of using my port. I was injected with the radioactive materials and left in the room to rest for 30 minutes while it worked through my system. Then I had to drink 3 jello drinks over the next 30 minutes. Then they send you to the bathroom and then scan you. Nothing too major for me and then we had an hour to kill before my lab work and my meeting with Dr. Monga to get the results of the scan. So we went to the McDonald's around the corner and I ate breakfast--food and drink! Yay!!!! The cancer center is crazy crowded when we get back and it takes for ever to get my blood drawn, but they don't really have any problems getting it today. She used the IV they had put in from the scan instead of accessing my port. I had to wait on a room to see Dr. Monga, but they came by pretty quick after we got back there. And they came with great news!

The chemo has been working and they think I only need 2 more sessions!!!!!
Every area has improved--aside from my bones going to see about doing that other treatment for this issue.
Some areas are not even active, but the lung area warrants the need for a little more treatment.
They had originally thought I was going to need 4 more, so this is awesome! I can get back to normal sooner!
I had to grab some milk after we left and Mom decided to snap a photo! Happy!


So I am very, very thankful! Jesus is a healer and a miracle worker! I'm thankful to everyone who has prayed for me and sent kind thoughts or words my way! I'm thankful for every doctor and nurse I've encountered over there! I'm so happy! See maybe that positive thinking stuff really works, huh? I know it does and if you didn't-- believe it now!

Sorry we didn't take more pictures and I haven't really been keeping things as up to date as I would like, but hopefully that will be changing soon.

PSALM 85:2

You forgave the iniquity of your people; you covered all their sin. Selah...


Tina Bina

Friday, April 19, 2013



It's been a few days since I checked in. So Wednesday I had chemo and oddly enough they didn't schedule it for the crack of dawn. We didn't have to be there until 11:00 am. They were quick with getting me in for my blood work and my port actually cooperated with no problems. Then we met with my doctor and he said my blood work looked good and they were ready to send me up for my chemo session. I had been feeling a little nauseous so I sucked down some gingerale and felt much better. I drink it everyday pretty much all throughout the day. So we got started and the benadryl put me to sleep like always. Mom took some pictures of me in my sleeping state:

Bundled up and sleeping away.

Taking  trip to the bathroom. Gotta bring this big contraption with me.

At the end of the day I checked with the nurses for my follow up appointment, but they hadn't set it yet. I always have a shot the day after chemo that does something for my white blood cell counts.They said to just call in the morning and when I did, they still hadn't scheduled it. I had to call three different times before I finally got an appointment for 1:00pm. They were relatively quick with getting me in and out. It was only about 30 minutes I spent there. Then we went to Walmart and grabbed a few things, plus we had to figure out some stuff with Gran's b-day gift.When we get back we eat and then take Gran down to church for choir practice. I was tired and Mom was tired. I hopped into bed around 9:30 and was ready to go with the sandman, but I watched project runway first.

Now it's Friday--my uncle Jeffery's birthday! Happy B-day!
I've gotten dressed, had breakfast and watched the coverage of the craziness going on in Boston.
It's supposed to be a rainy day and much cooler than it has been, so I'll probably be inside most of the day.


I don't really have one. I forgot to take pictures yesterday and you get a feel for my outfit from Wednesday. It was gray and black. We've been having gorgeous weather, but they really had the ac cranked up in there, so bundling up was necessary.


Not too shabby! I'm relaxing and just taking it day by day. I get tired sometimes and I have bouts of being queasy, but nothing too intense. I'm feeling pretty good. Staying positive. Thinking good thoughts. Speaking good thoughts and living good things. Expecting good things all the time. I suggest you do the same! And have an awesome weekend! Do something fun! Go have a beer for me!

ISAIAH 55:6-7

Seek the Lord while he my be found; call upon him while he is near; let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, that he may have compassion on him. and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.


Tina Bina

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

RAINY NIGHT! 4-16-13


 Monday we went shopping for a missing piece of our birthday gift to Gran with no success. Now we're going to change the idea slightly because of something she mentioned. We're going to get it together soon though. Tuesday will be here before you know it.

Today started out with me staying in bed half the day, but once I got up and dressed--I decided to wash clothes. So that was a productive aspect of my day. I also picked some daffodils that sprouted up and put together two bouquets

Watched some tv and the rain started up with lots of thunder and a little lightning. We're under a severe thunderstorm watch until 11:30 tonight and we could get some hail. Hopefully that won't happen. I haven't seen any! I actually enjoy the sound of the rain when it's time to go to sleep. It has a soothing effect. Water always seems to provide that calm and relaxed feeling. The sound of trickling water, a hot bath or shower, all make me think soothing and relaxing.

I had to get my clothes and my activity bag together for tomorrow. We're going to try the chemo again tomorrow. Hopefully my blood is where it needs to be and we can get this next session over with so that we can get to my scan to see how much of the cancer we've melted away! I got a letter in the mail about how to prep for it. No food or drink 4 hrs beforehand. I have to be there at 7:00 am. I need to eat a light protein meal the evening before and I can't engage in exercise or any strenuous activity the day before or the day of. I have Gran's bday to celebrate the day before. I told her that we can't stay out late drinking since I have this early morning appointment! She was cool with that...LOL!


Small white daffodils that I found at the edge of Gran's yard!



No frills what so ever today! No wig or any kind of headwrap or hat today. No makeup and just my glasses.I felt free today! It was quiet warm out today--I think it hit the upper 70's so it was too hot to be dealing with all that mess on me, when I'm just gonna be at the house all day.

I still wore something that I thought was cute. I had on some sparkles! The silver and black sweater was very loose knit and then so I thought it was perfect to throw on over the white tank top. I wore dark jeans with bleached out patches and because it had been hot in the house, I rolled up the bottoms. I had on my silver slipper shoes to add to the sparkle.



I feel good. So much better than I had in the past few weeks. I've had more energy to do things. I still have moments with the nausea, but I've been staying on top of my medicine for that and it seems to be working. I'm excited about coming up with Gran's birthday gift and trying to give her something that will be a fun surprise. It's always rewarding to give to someone else.  When you focus on someone else, you have the opportunity to forget about your own problems. That's one of the best ways to get yourself out of your personal pity party. Go do something good for someone else. I'm not doing any charity work--like my Grandmother does. By putting my energy into her birthday and focusing on what might make her happy, not only makes me feel good, but it's a great way to distract myself from worrying about my own problems. So the next time you're feeling like my life sucks or woe is me, take a moment and do something for someone else. It doesn't even have to involve money. You can spend some time with them. Maybe run an errand for a busy single mom. Call your Grandma who's lives alone and always says she misses everyone--she'd love to hear your voice I'm sure. Hand out food at a soup kitchen. Pay for the person behind you at the drive thru. Tell someone you love them--sometimes it's nice to be reminded that you care. Take a moment away from whatever is pulling you down and go lift someone else up because it's going to make a world of difference in not only how they feel, but how you feel!


Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in Heaven.


Tina Bina

Monday, April 15, 2013

Shopping Sunday


Yesterday I didn't do a whole lot. Just kinda hung around watching TV and only sat outside for a little while with Mom as she rearranged some things in her yard. It was colder than it has been yesterday so we didn't  have as much incentive to hang outside and of course I slept in late, so it wasn't really ideal for her to stop her project and then go do some shopping that I wanted to do. 

Today we planned to go out and about. Granny was at church and they had a birthday dinner for all the members who have a March or April birthday afterwards. We were out looking for her birthday gifts. Ssssshhhhh! Don't let her know that! 

So we hit up my favorite place--Gabes!
I got some goodies for me too!

Then we headed to Big Lots--while we were there the police were meeting with the store manager. Apparently someone tried to steal some stuff before we got there. Of all places to steal some stuff--the discount store--Big Lots! Really people!

WalMart always makes the list, because they have everything.

Then back to Gabes and a last stop at Kmart before heading home. 

Dinner is leftover veggie and ground turkey lasagna. 

Watched my Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2

Watched Mom unclog the toilet and then I settled down to write tonight's blog.


I have dubbed myself the Queen of the $3.00 deal! I found a bunch of stuff for three bucks today and that always seems to be the price I pay for my Gabe's deals!


What I bought:

Gabes finds are the three tank tops--pink, white, and black. The sneakers and the sweater are from Kmart The sneakers were $10 and the black tank top was a little more than $3--a whole $4! My sneakers were only $10 since they're such a bright and specific color. But I liked them and needed another pair of sneakers. The black striped sweater kept my $3 streak going! It's thin and will be perfect to wear over a basic tank top.

The teal sweats are another $3 find but from Kmart. The t-shirt was from Gabe's for $3.

The sweats have the perfect phrase: dream, dance and love!

The blue top has a great little detail on the back with a gold zipper. I'll rock it with some cute gold jewelry.


A bargain shopper's dream!


The short wig with glasses and no makeup--haven't felt like bothering with it lately. Wore the teal beanie cap because I had on my teal cardigan originally, but it was too hot for that, so it came off.

I wore dark skinny jeans, a gray blue t-shirt layered under a navy blue collared shirt.whit flared sleeves and a tied back. I was comfy and I threw on some gray shoes that matched the gray bag I carried today.



I feel great! I had a fun day! Who doesn't have fun shopping, right? I guess I'm going to let the pants inspire me today. We should surround ourselves with positive images and messages as much as we can.

Dream: Keep dreaming big! We've had the lesson before right! So think of your biggest wildest dreams! Keep them in the front of your mind. No matter how outrageous they seem--if you want them to come true, trust that God will bring them to fruition.

Dance: Is a form of celebration! Celebrate something. Get up and shake your booty! Wave your hands in the air. Crank up a song you love and get down to it! Be free! Enjoy it! Rejoice in the great moments of your life and let your body swing with the feeling of it all. 

Love: Well it's what truly makes the world go round! It's the greatest emotion we can ever have and it's so powerful. It conquers everything. Remember that God is love! He is pure unconditional love and he shares that with us. Pass it on to someone else. I think that to show God love, we have to show all of our brothers and sisters love. Don't let little things get in the way of love! Spread it everywhere you go!


Love is patient and kind: love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but replaces with the truth. 


Tina Bina

Friday, April 12, 2013



It's been a few days since I've given an update. I guess I haven't done too much since my last blog. I have tried to spend time outside, since we have been having great weather all week. I've been sleeping in really late too, so I only leave so much time in the day. Wednesday I didn't go anywhere, but I did bask in the sunshine. Yesterday I did go to WalMart to refill a prescription and browse the gardening section. Then I had to prepare for this morning's early doctor appointments. 8 am labwork and today was Chemo day!

No such luck-chuck! They said my blood wasn't right and I had to get another 2 pints of blood today instead of getting chemo. Those only take a total of 2 hrs instead of my usual 4.5 for the chemo session. It didn't make much difference though. We had to wait 2 hrs for the blood to even show up! Even the nurse was getting frustrated. But it finally came and I got my new burst of energy. I guess I had been feeling lethargic because my blood levels were low again. I have a lot more energy now. I have a new supplement now too. I have to start taking at 1000mg of calcium with vitamin D daily. The bone hardener I take has some funky effect on my calcium levels. Once we left the hospital, we went to go pick up the new supplement and some more gingerale. I also had a McDonald's craving and grabbed a cheeseburger and small fry. It hit the spot.

Once we got home, dinner was ready and the TV beckoned us. Long day of just sitting. It really can tire you out. Especially, when you get up at 7:00 am after sleeping until 9:30 or 10 everyday. We didn't even take any pictures today.


Close-up! No make-up! No wig! I took a pretty scarf and made it into a headwrap and threw on my big shades.

The whole outfit! orange skinny jeans with an orange tank top that I threw a yellow t-shirt over. The head wrap picks up both colors and pulls the look together.



I'm feeling much better physically. I always feel good mentally! I love life! My grandmother just gave me a few words of wisdom before she went to bed. It's a blessing everyday that we wake up.I sure we've all heard that one before, but it's something that you don't think that deeply about.  Each day is another opportunity to enjoy living. The simple little pleasures. Just absorb it. Soak it up. That sunshine. The laughter you share. The delicious meal. There are so many amazing things to experience in life, but we get too bogged down with living for money and stuff instead of just enjoying the little stuff. The free stuff that life gives to you if you just take the time to enjoy it. Take time to enjoy those little moments of joy that come free of charge. Let me know what free moment of joy you experienced today. Just think about it--I know you have at least one moment.


Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places...


Tina Bina

Tuesday, April 9, 2013



It was 82 degrees today! The sun was out and it was beautiful. I spent a lot of it just sitting outside. I did watch some TV, but I made sure to get out in the sunshine too!

Every spring Mom and Gran spray their houses with insecticides to keep the bugs out. Wasps were apparently building a nest outside my bedroom window and they were getting inside the house. They freak me out and since it's been getting warmer, they've been trying to make their way inside. So while she sprayed Gran's house, I headed to her house with the neighborhood cat--Midnight. He apparently roams from house to house when the weather gets nice, but we think he belongs to one of our neighbors nearby. I had the pleasure of watching him wash himself as we sat on the porch and I played on my phone. 

 Fascinating, right? I've contributed to the plethora of cat videos flooding the internet and it wasn't even funny! The sun decided to hide itself behind the trees and the clouds, so I decided to go inside and watch some TV. My Mom doesn't put much value into cable TV and so she has limited channels and I ended up watching the Maury show! Shame on me--I should have been watching PBS or one of the Christian channels, but it was funny to check them out. Today actually wasn't a paternity test episode, but instead it was lie detector tests for the cheaters. I mean he only has those two types of shows--cheaters or paternity tests.  I feel bad for the people who go on those kinds of shows.

So then we got a call from a family friend and one of my grandmother's fellow church members. He needed a ride to see about his truck that's getting fixed. Mom was going to take him in her truck, but since I wanted to tag along, we took my car. It's always nice to take a ride and be out and about when the weather is nice.

Lunchtime--spaghetti, salad and garlic bread leftover from yesterday.

Soap opera time--Days of our Lives. We missed General Hospital.

Back outside to check the mail and the cat followed. Then I sat outside for a little bit trying to soak up the sun and took a few pictures. Back to the TV--game show hour: Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune.

Now I'm relaxing in bed writing this blog.


Yesterday's outfit. I wore dark jeans with a tank top that had beige, pink and teal coloring. Then I threw a teal cardigan sweater on just in case the wind was blowing a chilling breeze. I added my teal beanie and beige flats to match the tank. 


Today, I kept it super simple--dark jeans, a long sleeved WVU top and I threw on a brown beanie cap, but most of the time I took it off, because it was making my head hot sitting out in the sun. 


 I feel good enjoying the weather and taking pictures in the sunshine. So I matched up 3 pictures with 3 pieces of wisdom I've learned in life.

Deep in thought?

Take time to think things over

Everything isn't always what it seems. Sometimes it better to think about it before making any impulsive decisions. Trust your gut and pray for answers to your deep burning questions. 

Confidence with a bald head--who needs hair to be pretty?

Be confident in who you are

You have to be confident in who you are or no one else will believe in you. Who cares what anyone else thinks because at the end of the day you have to accept yourself. You have to be comfortable with what you do, how you look and who you are. We're all unique and special divine creatures of God. He made each of us like a snowflake. No two are alike. Embrace what makes you-you!

I've never been a fan of cats, but maybe he's not so bad and he seems to like me.  


Be open to change

I thought that cats were awful because I had a bad experience as a kid with one attacking me. I've carried disdain for the feline species ever since. I'm not saying that I'm going to run out and buy a cat, but maybe they aren't the evil little creatures I thought that they were. Midnight was very sweet and kinda cute. Sometimes we have a tendency to let one experience shape our whole perception of something and we end up carrying a prejudice that isn't truly founded. Be open to changing your mind--sometimes we just need to let go of the past.


I actually completed an art journal page last night as I was watching TV. It's chemotherapy melting away cancer cells and a little soldier--me--raising my sword in victory. I've claimed my healing because I am living in God's favor. I'm healed and blessed! I started drawing another page and will give you an update when it's finished.


HEBREWS 6:11-12

And we desire each one o you to show the same earnestness to have the full assurance of hope until the end so that you may not be sluggish, but imitators of  those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.



Sunday, April 7, 2013



We've been enjoying a gorgeous weekend. Weather in the 60's! So we spent a lot of time outside today and yesterday.

Saturday we went grocery shopping and grabbed a couple things from Lowe's--plus we were looking at bathroom stuff for Gran's pending re-do. So it was nice to be out and about in the sunshine. 

Today I stayed in bed a long time. I watched some documentary about a serial killer that was like 2 hrs long before I got dressed today. Then I went outside and walked around. Then me and Mom decided to start demolishing a tree stump in Gran's yard. I took a few swings and was able to take a chunk off myself. Mom really chipped away at most of it and a little chunk remains.

Stomp the stump!

Almost gone!

Then I just wanted to get out and about again today. So we went to WalMart so Mom could pay a bill and  we browsed the garden section while there. Then we went to Wendy's and Dairy Queen. Strawberry Cheesequake really hit the spot! Yummy!

By the time we get home, it's decided to start raining--so the rest of the evening is spent on my favorite past time--TV! Gotta check out the Real Housewives of Atlanta of course. Then Married to Medicine. Who doesn't love a bunch of bitchy housewives!


Saturday I wore skinny dark jeans, a white top with a black quarter sleeved cropped jacket. To accent it I wore a bright pink scarf. Pointy black flats and my trusty black beanie completed the outfit. 


Today I wore light colored jeans with a yellow striped t-shirt. I threw on a black baseball cap and a hoodie to coordinate with my sneakers which you can't see. I didn't feel like putting on a wig today.


I feel really good. I've been enjoying this weather. It just brightens your day to wake up and see the sun shining. I took a peek at Super Soul Sunday today and one of my favorite preachers was on there--Joel Osteen. The message was to dream big! I love that message. I mean we should talk big and think great things about our lives. Even if you don't believe it at first, you should speak things into your life that you want until it becomes your reality. And if you're in God's favor and he loves you, then you deserve the absolute best--so you should expect to get nothing less than that. Dream Big! Keep imagining your life the way you would have it in your wildest dreams. Then talk about it. Pray about it. Think about it. See it in your mind. Then repeat until it shows up. You have to vision though. Dream! Don't put limits on yourself. You deserve to be in God's favor. He can provide everything and anything. Trust in that and start dreaming!

LUKE 19:10

 For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.


Tina Bina

Saturday, April 6, 2013



 One big change today--the weather was so much better. The sun was out and it was much warmer than it had been. Yeah!  So I made sure that I had some time outside today!

I slept in late, but the extra rest is good for me. I even took a little nap after my shower. It always seems to take a lot of my energy for some reason.

I found Mom outside trimming back sticker bushes and making things look a little neater above my Grandma's house where we park our cars.

I ate some turkey soup my grandmother made and leaned back for some of my usual TV watching. I decided to break the norm and went outside to gather up some daffodils and put in a vase for the living room. Then I went and chatted with Mom while she was straightening up stuff in her yard.

Then we came back and watched some flea market flip before I decided to work on the blog.

Tomorrow may be a little better--we're going to the grocery store! Wild and crazy times right? LOL!


My outfit today consisted of a pair of dark blue jeans. I paired them with a light pink lace trimmed camisole with a brighter pink top over top of it. The whole back of the top is lace--you can't tell that from the pictures. My beige blazer kept me warm and the caramel colored flats were a good match, but impractical for walking around--I kept getting pebbles in my shoes.

I rocked the curly fro wig today with a bright pink toboggan so I was in shades of pink today. From dark to light--the ombre effect kinda? Since the sun was out I busted out my huge shades and the need for make-up became obsolete.



I felt good today. I mean I took the time to smell the roses--or uuh daffodils?

Not only did I stop and take a smell--I plucked the beauty from the ground to share it's gift with others.

Gran was the lucky one to receive the beautiful flower! I picked a punch more later and put a whole bouquet in the living room for a nice little pop of life and color.
So I'm still taking my time to smell the roses-per say and I'm sharing that gift with others. Truly take some time for yourself this weekend. Sleep a little later. Eat the dessert! Buy those shoes. Turn off the phone and open that book you've been meaning to read. Just take a little time for you and whatever it is that you like to do. Share the message. Encourage others to do the same. If you take time for yourself, you feel better and you in turn are better. You're a little nicer, you're more open to laughing and you're more of a joy to be around. So take a little extra time for you and then go be a better friend, parent, child, sibling--you! So I command you to go do you and have fun!


“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.


Tina Bina

Friday, April 5, 2013



I truly had a pretty boring day today. I woke up feeling good. I said my prayers and ate breakfast. Still not having any nausea--yay! Mom had to take Gran to her doctor's appointment so it was just me at the house until early afternoon. I got dressed--truly got dressed today--not just my WVU gear that I layer on to keep warm. It was definitely warmer today but I only went outside a couple times. 

Today I literally sat on the couch watching TV--one time I laid down because I thought I needed a nap, but couldn't fall asleep. Not feeling sick and I still spent my day on the couch with the TV. 

Shame on me--so I have to do something a little more productive tomorrow. I cracked a lot of jokes with my Mom and Gran and so we spent a lot of the day laughing. Laughter is supposed to be good medicine! 

We watched Grey's Anatomy--which now that I watch Scandal, I've gotten into this show too. It comes on right before Scandal and Mom and Gran watch it. Crazy drama--Scandal is full of twists and turns and always has you guessing. It's a great show if you don't already watch it. 

I haven't even been cooking. Man! I have to find something interesting to do this weekend--we're going to have awesome weather! We may even reach the 70's next week! That would be something to get excited about! I'm ready for the sunshine and less clothing! So hopefully tomorrow will bring you a much more interesting blog entry! 


Rocking the long wig and a beanie. I also put on some makeup-minimal. No shadow or blush. Lined the eyes and wore mascara. Defined my brows and put on foundation.

Today I wore a bright vibrant yellow top over a white button down. I paired that with a matching beanie and a gray cardigan. This coordinated well with my dark jeans and I was wearing my sparkly silver slipper shoes. 



I'm feeling awesome compared to how I had been feeling! I can eat and I have energy again. I just wish that I had spent today in a more productive manner. I could have been working on art projects or writing if I wasn't going to do something around the house, but I guess sometimes we can do nothing and have it be okay. We live in a society that praises being busy and multitasking. Sometimes that pace is just too much. Sometimes we need a minute to just take a break from the lists of tasks. Sometimes we need a break from our social obligations. Sometimes we need to turn off the electronics. Sometimes we just need to watch a movie with the people we love and laugh a little. When was the last time you took the time to do that. To turn off the phone. close the laptop and take a day to just spend doing whatever you want. Sleep in, eat something fattening, have a late lunch with a friend and laugh about old times. Take a bath in the middle of the afternoon. Go outside and soak up the sun. We have been trained to think that we always have to be doing something and guess what it's simply not true! Take a moment and just enjoy the simple things. 

1 SAMUEL 2:2

There is none Holy like the Lord, there is none besides yo, there is no rock like our God.


Tina Bina

Wednesday, April 3, 2013



Catch up from the weekend...
Monday was fun day with my niece, Tegan. Boy oh boy--she is a ball of energy and she wore me out! It was great to see her and my brother and Candace. She's so smart, but she was a wild child. I couldn't keep up and before I knew it, I was ready for bed. LOL! Love my little Tegan!

Tuesday, Tegan and her Mom and Dad headed home to NC. Me and Mom headed out to take Gran to the dentist for an emergency appointment. She was having some pain and turns out she needed a root canal. Poor Granny!!! I on the other hand was feeling much better. No more throwing up--tons more energy than I had. I guess the chemo effects have started to wear off. So I have to enjoy it as much as I can before my next round the end of next week.

Today has been pretty good too. I went to my doctor appointment for my bone hardener shot. We get there 15 minutes beforehand and of course we end up waiting almost an hour before I get a shot that takes 5 minutes to administer. It's kinda silly that I had to sit there that long, but whatever. You never know what you're going to get when it comes to the doctor's office. It can be a long wait.

Weather update
We know that I'm notorious for complaining about the weather here. Still adjusting to living up North again!
Well, the weather wasn't great today or anything--that wind was whipping and that's what really makes it feel cold. Plus tonight it's supposed to get down into the 20s! It's April! But--we are expecting better weather as the week progresses!

Thu Apr 4

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy

Fri Apr 5


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Sun Apr 7

Few Showers
Few Showers