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So last Friday I don't really remember doing much of anything. I laid in the bed all day and it was kinda rainy out. Hence the reason for no blog. I was tired from low blood and I didn't really have much to talk about unless you guys wanted to hear about what I watched on TV.  Lol!

Saturday came around and I spent most of the day in bed again. My blood was low, so it makes you really tired. Mom and Gran needed to head to the store for some groceries for our Mother's day cookout. Shortly after they left, my brother and his family arrived! The rest of my evening was spent playing with my niece and catching up with him and his girlfriend. 

I had a little more energy. After Mom took Gran to church, I got dressed and ready to head out to Cheat Lake to pick up Aunt Donna. I gave Mom her gift before we left. A gazing ball and pedestal for her yard and a solar light that went with it. She likes stuff for her yard. Plus I had gotten cards for all the Mom's-my grandmother and my aunt and my niece's mom. So we enjoyed BBQ steak, hot dogs, burgers, chicken, baked beans and macaroni salad. It was pretty brisk out from what it had been--only reaching 59 degrees. 

I had another day of just relaxing. Gran stayed home from her usual early morning trip to Christian Help. We spent much of the day being entertained by the ball full of energy known as my niece, Tegan! She will keep you busy! Running from room to room. Reading stories, scribbling with crayons, tossing balloons, jumping on the bed, eating chocolate, playing monsters, tickling, watching five minutes of a dvd, playing games on Mommy's phone and whatever else she makes up as we go along. She keeps you entertained though. That is one certainty. 

Another day of hanging with Tegan! I found out at the last minute that I had my lab work at 8am the next morning. They are really bad about letting you know about your appointments or changing them at the last minute. Whatever though. So that meant taking a bath that night, having my clothes laid out and going to bed a little earlier. 
Toddler Angst! She's so silly!

Early morning. We had to be at the hospital at 8:00am and it was of course a day where it just had to be crowded. I had to wait forever before they were able to get me back for my blood work. Then the poor nurse couldn't get my port to work. She had to ask someone else for help and she got it immediately! I think the other lady may not of had a lot of experience with ports. So then we go back to the exam room to meet with my doctor. He already knew that I was going to be tired because my blood was low and they were going to give me some more blood again! I had also been having some problems with a lot of mucus and I told him it has been kinda green and yellow. So he said it may be pneumonia and they sent me down immediately to have an x-ray. I had a little touch of it when I first got diagnosed. So my favorite nurses aid, Celeste walked me down to the x-ray center and they got me right in. It apparently didn't look bad, but to be on the safe side, he decided to prescribe an antibiotic. Then I went upstairs to get my blood. We had to wait for about 2 hours before it finally came. They mentioned that my blood work showed that my potassium and phosphorous were low and they were sending a prescription for that over to my pharmacy at WalMart. She also gave me some pamphlets on what to eat to increase my potassium and phosphorous levels. I got my blood finally, but that itself takes about 2 hours. They brought my next appointments to me, so I didn't need to check out when I left. We headed to Panera for lunch because by that time I was starving and I had forgotten to bring any snacks with me. Then we headed to Walmart to fill the prescription. The other one that was faxed over had to be ordered and wouldn't be in until the next day. I also grabbed a couple of groceries while there. Headed home expecting to see my niece, but they had went to her Grammie's house to go fishing in their pond. We hung out on our new porch most of the night with the citronella candles lit and just the quiet of the evening. 

So I should be feeling spry and ready to dance around the world since I've gotten some blood. Not exactly, but I do start feeling much better. Mom took Gran to her women's luncheon while I stayed home. I'd slept in since we had gotten up so early on Wednesday. I got showered and dressed. The pharmacy called to let me know that my prescription was ready. I had gotten sucked into a marathon of ANTM on the Style network and by the time I was getting ready to eat a little something, they returned. After eating some lunch, me and Mom headed back to WalMart, so I could get my prescription and pick up some gingerale--my current soda addiction. We got back and played with Tegan for a few before they got on the road headed back to North Carolina. Then we watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal later that night. Good TV!!!

Today hasn't been very exciting. I ended up taking some benadryl last night at like 2 am, so I slept until almost 10 this morning. I just couldn't get up. I laid in bed most of the day. This time Million Dollar Listing NY sucked me into the TV. I finally broke free and took a shower. I ate some lunch and watched Days. Now I'm sitting on the new porch typing this up. I'm contemplating what color to paint my toe nails. It's such a beautiful day. It's 80 degrees and plenty of sunshine. I actually have on a skirt and tank top. I so appreciate the nice weather. I'm going to spend the rest of the evening out here enjoying the weather and reading a book. 


This is actually a dress, but I just rouched up the bottom. I wore a darker purple tank underneath it. It came with the teal belt, so I added my teal beanie cap. I rarely feel like wearing the wigs anymore. I had a caramel colored bad with shoes to match. I wore skinny jeans with it and of course threw on some shades.

My $4 outfit from Gabes. Both the skirt and the tank were only $2 a piece. It's comfy and colorful. No wig and no hat today. I just put a pair of shades on top of my head and some flip flops on my feet.



Isn't it so much brighter with the all white!

These bright cushions really liven up the first corner as you walk in. Plants give it a little more life and the bamboo shade shields us from too much sunshine.

Ready to eat, well have a seat. I painted this table black. It was previously a funky off white color, which would have just looked dirty next to our new white walls.

This is the other end of the porch with plenty of seating and a coffee table. We painted the table green from the grayish look it was before. the little sofa was originally green and we painted it black to coordinate with all the other furniture. My green shelf is in the corner and we have more of the brightly colored cushions on this end as well.

This rug is so comfy. Not really meant for outdoors, but this is a covered porch and it was only twenty bucks.

This rug was also $20 but it's more of a utilitarian feel to it. It's closer to the entrance so that dirty feet wouldn't ruin the other one. It's a slightly darker gray than the floor that we patched and painted.

This is the gardening shelf I painted green and next to it we have our recyclables in the separate black bins. 



Pretty darn good! I'm getting excited that chemo will be over soon! Next session will be the end of this month! Woo! Hoo! The weather right now is great and I'm ready to enjoy it. I'm anxious to see what lies ahead for me. I'm gonna have to find a job eventually and start living a normal life again. It feels good. You just never know what may be in store for you and you always have to embrace it with enthusiasm and positivity. Think of it as a new opportunity filled with possibility. What's possible for you? Remember not to limit yourself and dream big!


 The Rock, his work is perfect, for all his ways are justice. A God of faithfulness and without iniquity, just and upright is he.


Tina Bina




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