Monday, May 20, 2013



 Saturday was a good day. I decided that it was the day for me to wash my car. So I cleaned out the inside before heading to the car wash in Fairmont--well actually Bellview. I was planning to just vacuum it out and then manually wash. Well this became an ordeal. First all the vacuum hoses were taped up except for one. So I moved over to that one and quickly sucked up the dirt in the car. Now I can get the outside clean, right? So yeah these do it yourself machines usually take quarters and I had a couple of dollars worth, but I needed some change and had a $5 bill. No change machine. I walked all around that place and couldn't find one change machine. Well luckily they have automated car washes too, so I could just do that. I back out and move to one of those spots. Well the cheapest wash is $6. I put in my five and then I had to add the rest with my quarters, but the machine has a quarter jammed in the slot and I can't add the quarters. So I hit the refund button and get back quarters. I guess that became my change machine. So I had to move the car back over to the manual washing space. So alright that worked out right. Kinda annoying, but it worked. I decided to rinse the car first and then went to use the foam brush. Well no chance of that because it wasn't working! So I had to use this foam conditioner stuff that they had and rinsed that off. I then went and grabbed some lunch and went to the Family Dollar store. Oh and this was the second time I had taken the car out by myself. It's funny because I've gotten so used to being driven around now that it's a big deal if I go somewhere by myself. I got back home and about an hour later it started storming. So much for all my car washing efforts. But at least the inside is clean and fresh smelling! So we sat on the porch for a while and then we watched some TV before heading to bed. I watched a really cute moving on GMC called Trinity Goodheart. Check it out if you get a chance.

Sunday Gran went to church as usual. Me and mom went to pick her up and after we got back, we went to the grocery store and picked up a pizza from Little Caesar's for dinner. I also grabbed some stuff to help unblock my ears. I got some wax buildup and I got some drops to help loosen it up. Wow! Exciting stuff. But on a good note, Gran's arthritis is doing much better and she could go without her cane. After we ate our pizza, we were sitting on the porch and both of us were falling to sleep. So we got up and walked up to my Mom's house and watched her work on setting up her yard. Then of course it was time to watch my Sunday reality shows. The finale of Married to Medicine was on and I had to watch the drama unfold. To be doctor's wives they have a lot of drama.

Well this morning has been spent watching the Amish--well the ex-Amish on some show on National Geographic. I need to get up and dressed and do something productive with my day. I'll let you know if anything exciting happens!


Rocking the Sinead O Connor look as Rev. Buckner stated. I've been foregoing the wigs and make up really. And with these big old glasses, you can't see most of my face anyway!

I was comfy in a pair of jeans, one of my Obama Tee's with a white tank underneath and some flip flops. Cute and casual.



I feel really good. I'm very thankful for that too! I was watching a little bit of Oprah's Soul Series yesterday with Maya Angelou and she was talking about thanking God for everything. Little things and when things are bad thank Him because God loves you and ultimately wants the best for you. So you're upset that you lost your job, but you need to be thankful because you didn't like it anyway and God's going to open the door to a job that you like better and pays you better. There are all kinds of blessings that come to you in disguise of being something bad. Be thankful for it. Trust that God is working towards your best life. Having faith that he can create that for you is essential. God is everything and he has given me everything and I am very thankful for every moment. Good and bad because it all makes me who I am.


Ears that hear and eyes that see--the Lord has made them both.


Tina Bina


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